Capital Vision 2030

We seek to be more confident in speaking and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, more compassionate in serving communities with the love of God the Father and more creative in reaching new people and places in the power of the Spirit.
Capital Vision 2020

This is the collective vision statement for the London churches that was agreed some years ago after consultation with more than 2000 people. There have been many initiatives, training and events to support this vision and you may have taken part in these over the last few years. But 2020 is now fast approaching and so the Diocese of London are looking to discern what the priorities of the churches in London should be in the subsequent 10 years to 2030.

That last vision statement emerged after consultation with church members and others. Will you help with discerning the 2030 Vision? Please complete the attached survey (church members or non church groups) and email it here or hand it to Richard or to the wardens/welcome team. 

Find out more at the Capital Vision 2030 site here

Please let us have your survey responses back by Friday 5th July.