Meet the St Matthew's Leadership Team

Richard YoungRichard Young

I have been Vicar of St Matthew's since 2007 and love being here.  

At the heart of who we are at St Matthew’s is our mission statement:

•Loving God •  Loving our Community

 This summarises our desires as a church: to worship and serve God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – in all we do, and to make a practical difference for the people of Yiewsley as we reach out with God’s love.

It’s the responsibility of the Church Leadership Team to work out how to make that vision a reality, and my role to lead the team in that process.   That needs lots of prayer, and the gift of discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, it’s the responsibility of the  Leadership Team to develop and nurture lay ministry and leadership across St Matthew’s.  That's because Christian ministry and leadership is the responsibility of all Christians, not just those of us who sometimes wear our collars the wrong way round!  

And lastly, I see my role as supporting and encouraging the rest of the team listed below, by helping them to grow in confidence in their walk with Christ and as Christian leaders.

Vicky's ordinationVicky Bastidas

Vicky was ordained as a Deacon at St Paul's Cathedral on 1st July 2017 and has now joined St Matthew's as our curate for the next 3 years.  Vicky is the first Colombian woman to be ordained in the Church of England.  She has many years of experience as a missionary in different parts of Latin America.  

Vicky says: I define my life by what God has called me to do.  Mission gives me a sense of purpose and direction.  Being in mission is the idea that drives me.

I am committed to the Scriptures and believe in the uniqueness of the good news of Jesus Christ, but all in relation to the reality of the world around me.

For me, proclaiming the good news of God, teaching and taking care of new believers, responding to those in need, seeking to transform unjust situations and trying to protect the integrity of creation are the things that challenge me every day. 

Di GoddardDi Goddard
Church Warden

Carol PinnellCarol Pinnell
Church Warden

Linda RyanLinda Ryan
Team Leader responsible for Children & Young People

Sheila CongramSheila Congram
Team Leader responsible for Facilities

Mary InnisMary Innis
Team Leader responsible for Nurture

AzebAzeb Yirgalem
Team Leader responsible for Pastoral & Social Care

Louise YoungLouise Young
Team Leader responsible for Outreach